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14.4" For Ford Raptor F150 2013-2014 Car GPS Stereo Head Navigation Radio 8+128G

14.4" For Ford Raptor F150 2013-2014 Car GPS Stereo Head Navigation Radio 8+128G

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Product Description

14.4" For Ford Raptor F150 2013-2014 Car GPS Navigation Radio Stereo Head Unit 8+128G

Applicable For Ford Raptor F150           Car Year:2013,2014


Before/After you place order, we shall to have a preliminary judgment to make sure our product will fit for your car.

1. Please send us one HD photo of your car dash(Radio),

2. Please let us know (Year) and (Model) of your car,

3. Please let us know if your car comes with a Auto AC system or Manual AC system.


 - RAM: 8G

 - ROM: 128G

 - CPU:8 Core

 - System: Android 11.0

 - Screen Size: 14.4 inch Capacitive Multi-Touch Full Screen

 - Bluetooth: 6.0

 - Radio: AM+FM

 - Carplay:Support

 - DVR:Support

 - DSP Fuction: Support

 - Intellgent Voice Control 3.0: Support

 - OBD Fuction: Support

 - LCD touch mode: Support

 - 4G full netcom: Support

 - Reverse Image: Support

 - Car Navigation: Support

 - Reverse Image: Support

 - Languages: Support Multi Country Languages

 - LCD display:Multi-touch

 - Video output:support

 - Picture format: JPG, BMP, JEPG, GIF, PNG

 - Audio format: MP3, WMA, AAC, RMCFALCetc MP3

 - Audio output:Front left, rear left, front right, rear right

 - 1080P HD Video formats:MPEG-1/2/4、H264、H263、VC1、RV、RMVB、DivX、Sorenson SparK、Spark 、Stream



 - Built-in DSP,16 EQ Adjusts DSP Sound

 - Built-in FM/AM Radio

 - Built-in CarPlay

 - Built-in Bluetooth Version 6.0

 - Built-in Personalized Theme Style

 - Built-in Third Generation Of Split Screen Technology

 - Built-in OBD,Diagnose Your Car Status Anytime

 - Support Multi-party Calls In The Screen

 - Support Plug And Play

 - Support HD Video

 - Support Multiple APP

 - Support GPS Accutate Positioning

 - Support HD Ultra-Clear Reverse Image

 - Support Navigation and Music Player

 - Support 4G Full Netcom Intelligent Networking


Package Content:

 - 1 x Car Radio Head Unit

 - 1 x Power cable

 - 1 x Audio Cable

 - 1 x Video Cable

 - 1x USB Cables

 - 1 x RCA cable

 - 1 x GPS Antenna

 - 1 x Can Bus Decoder

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